Denial to Acceptance

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Denial to Acceptance The 5 Stages – by Colleen Sullivan Most individuals faced with a long term mental illness like bipolar disorder are at first in a state of denial. Some remain in that state for a short time and move on, some remain in that state for a longer period of time before moving on, and some never leave the state of denial. Each person handles the diagnosis differently. Most commonly a person goes through five distinct stages on […]

Smiling Depression Facts

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When many people think of depression, they often think of sadness — and not much else. This generalization can be harmful to people who experience depression, but may not “look” depressed. For some, depression may look like sadness or exhaustion. For others, depression might look like a smiling face, or a person who “has it all together” — something we call “smiling depression.” It’s important to remember every person’s experience of depression needs to be taken seriously, no matter what it looks […]

you and your therapist

Bipolar, You & Your Psychiatrist

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Bipolar, You & Your Psychiatrist Is your relationship with your psychologist, psychiatrist or therapist all that it can be? Here’s how building a productive partnership can be a team effort. If you have a psychiatrist on your treatment team, ask yourself this: Are you making the most of your relationship? Do you come prepared for your appointments with solid information on your recent symptoms and other issues? Are you honest and forthcoming? If not, you’re losing out on the benefits of this professional’s expertise. […]

bipolar triggers

Bipolar Causes and Triggers

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Bipolar Causes and Triggers Bipolar disorder has no single cause. It appears that certain people are genetically predisposed to bipolar disorder, yet not everyone with an inherited vulnerability develops the illness, indicating that genes are not the only cause. Some brain imaging studies show physical changes in the brains of people with bipolar disorder. Other research points to neurotransmitter imbalances, abnormal thyroid function, circadian rhythm disturbances, and high levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Filli Ferħana U Filli Mimlija Rabja – 29/03/2017 TVM

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Lourdes hija omm ta’ żewġt itfal. Tnax-il sena ilu skopriet li għandha l-kundizzjoni mentali tal-Bipolar. “Kont bkejt, fuq li bkejt u bdejt inġib quddiem għajnejja t-tfal, u ngħid ‘min jaf dawk it-tfal, min jaf dawk it-tfal x’se jsir minnhom’. Barra minn hekk kelli ġlieda oħra, ġod-dar kelli l-vjolenza domestika li m’għenitx biex nirribatti l-bipolar. M’għenitni xejn.”

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Ghazliet Radio 101

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Waqt Ghazliet Live fuq Radio 101 is -Sibt 5 ta Novembru 2016, gie diskus is-sahha mentali. Albert u Lina McCarthy flimkien mal-psikjatra Dr.Rachel Taylor East mal- Avukat Dr. Arthur Azzopardi, tkelmu dwar dan is-suggett. Mexxiet l-programm Dulcima Aquilina.


Laqgha tal-grupp – Open Meeting of the “Be Positive Bipolar Self Help, Malta

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PR 20042017 Press Release MALTI  20 ta’ April, 2017 Laqgha tal-grupp “Be Positive Bipolar Self Help, Malta” – V/O 1371 il-Gimgha, 21 ta’ April 2017,  Fil – Kappella Russa – San Anton, Attard Il-grupp  “Be Positive Bipolar Self-help, Malta” se jorganizza laqgha ghal dawk kollha li jbaghtu b’din il-kondizzjoni u ghal dawk li jiehdu hsiebhom. Din il-laqgha ser issir fil-kappella Russa tal – Palazz ta’ San Anton, nhar  il-Gimgha, 21 ta’ April 2017, fis-6.00pm. Bil-permess gentili u kortesija tal-Ecc. Taghha, il-President […]