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Caring for someone with Bipolar


Caring for someone with any condition is difficult. Caring for someone with a psychiatric condition is especially hard for many reasons.

Getting someone who is in a state of MANIA… Even when PCYHCOTIC…  Hospitalized and accurately diagnosed is a major accomplishment.

While the clinical care for a relative with bipolar condition lies in the hands of psychiatrists and health professionals, your involvement as the caregiver is of vital importance.

Your acceptance of the condition and your willingness to handle the situation can alleviate much of the fear your loved one experiences and help him improve his understanding.

Bipolar sufferers, particularly when they are in an up (manic) rather than down (depressed) phase, often refuse to see a professional help and stop taking their treatment.

Your major concern is to make sure that your loved one realizes that they have a hidden condition and that they need talk therapy and treatment. Finding the right treatment may take as long as several years, hard to accept, especially for younger sufferers.

For family caregivers, coping with someone who is in his HIGHS or in his LOWS takes a heavy emotional toll and strains the relationship, often to the breaking point. An added burden is the stigma, which leaves families feeling frightened and isolated, unaware that many other families share their experience.

Given all these challenges, caring for someone with bipolar condition can be overwhelming and at times an impossible responsibility to maintain. It takes a while to learn the best way to help and support your loved one.

In most scenarios, living a quality life is expected if the illness is treated and properly managed. Trouble begins when the condition goes untreated, as it does worsen and increase their UPS manic and low depressive states. While the condition is incurable, therapy and routine treatment can insure a respectable life and a manageable one at that.

Educating yourself is the KEY to live a balanced life on a roller coaster ride.

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