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Bipolar Mania


Bipolar Mania

Bipolar mania – or a manic episode as part of a bipolar illness – is a condition most commonly characterized by having an abnormally elevated mood, along with such other symptoms as an excess of energy, extravagant behaviour, rapid speech, reckless spending and hallucinations.

A person who is experiencing mania is having a manic episode, as opposed to a hypomanic or depressive episode. Mania symptoms must last for at least one week or require hospitalization.

There must be a “sustained and abnormally elevated, expansive or irritable mood” through the episode. In addition, there must be an abnormal increase in energy or activity. Both of these conditions have to be there most of the day, almost every day.

Symptoms of may be present.

Everyone has times when they are exhilarated, especially talkative, generous or outgoing, or irritable.

These moods can last quite some time. In mania, such a mood is exaggerated beyond what most people would experience and more than likely has no relationship to anything going on in the person’s life.

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