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What is the Span of Bipolar Disorder?


What is the Span of Bipolar Disorder?

Periods of the disorder do reoccur throughout a person life if they have had it before. Those who are being treated do lead quality lives, but about 25% of those diagnosed have regular symptoms throughout.

There are two major levels of bipolar disorder ranging from bipolar I, bipolar II, but there is also a state known as rapid cycling that can be damaging as well. Bipolar I disorder is the most common illness, characterized by recurring moments of depression and mania. Bipolar II disorder is different because it is not dependent on extreme mania; instead moderate moments of mania are evident with depression. The other form of the disorder is called rapid cycling, which is when a person has numerous episodes within a year. This is not a specific type of bipolar disorder because it is thought that any bipolar sufferer can experience this only to return to their primary form of the illness, within a short time period.

Diagnosis Types

  • Bipolar I Disorder is characterized by:

    – One or more manic episode
    – Major depressive episode usually, although not always
    – Episodes are not due to a medical condition or prior substance abuse
    – Cannot be attributed to a psychotic disorder
    – 90% recurrence in episodes
    – Extreme social and familial consequences
    – Suicide rate is as high as 20% in some instances

  • Bipolar II Disorder is characterized by:

    One or more depressive episode, with at least momentary hypomania (a reduced state of mania)
    – No extremely heightened mood levels or emotions evident
    – Often induced by substance abuse and prior medical condition
    – Not the same as schizophrenia, although symptoms may appear similar

  • Rapid-Cycling Disorder characterized by:

    – 4 or more episodes within one year
    – 5-15 % of Bipolar sufferers face rapid-cycling
    – 75% of those are women
    – Extreme cycling can occur numerous times within one day

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